Get to Know Me

What’s up everyone, my name is Blake and I am currently in the sales industry working for multiple different directories. Because I am in sales I am working on different social media sites to try and scope out which is the most successful in attracting more customers. I know the most popular are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but I thought I would try out making a website so that I am not limited on how much I can say and on what to say. I am from Brooklyn, NY and grew up working in my fathers business. I have been exposed to the business life at a very young age which I am thankful for. I plan on one day starting my own business and follow my fathers footsteps. I think that it is important to start from the bottom and to work your way up because that is how you learn all the important lessons in business. I will one day be in my fathers place but that takes hard work and dedication and is something to be earned.