Top 5 Online Directories

If you’re ever in a pickle and seriously trying to hunt someone down, these are the best and most pristine set of directories that you could use. The majority of them you’re familiar with as you do a little bit of light stalking on exes or future business partners.

All in all, unless you’ve mastered being nonexistent in the social media world, you will be found on any of these directories and in turn find exactly what you’re searching for.

1. Google:

This site is by far the best, biggest and convenient way of searching online. By typing the most simplest of phrases, words or names, you will be given endless amount of pages regarding information that is either exactly what you’re looking for or similar articles that could be just as useful. Even if you misspell or use the wrong formation of words, Google will make sure to correct you and then direct your search to a more accurate representation of what you’re searching for.

2. Facebook:

One of the top places to find someone because anyone who is a human being most likely has a Facebook profile. Even if it’s inactive or hasn’t been updated in years, there should be some sort of profile popping up when you insert the specific search based criteria. Even if you know someone’s first name but don’t know other important information regarding their work location, school, hometown or age Facebook will guide you through your search giving you all validating results that could fulfill your search.

There is even an option where you input a phone number linking to someone’s profile, helping you gain access to their personal information, more so than others if the privacy restriction isn’t set.

3. LinkedIn:

More of a professional directory, this site is perfect to find career oriented and higher level professional when starting a job search or simply networking. This directory is more straightforward when considering a particular personal because professionally everyone uses their real and full names when making a LinkedIn profile, rather than fake accounts on Facebook or other social media platforms.

This is also a great site to look for specific businesses and companies that are reputable, with the help of knowing all of the people that you are currently connected to working there as well.

4. Yellow Pages:

A directory with a various amount of features ranging from restaurants, automative needs, home improvement, health and wellness and attorneys. The site helps you choose the desired location giving you multiple options when you enter a particular keyword or business. Also, a coupon nearby feature helps you make a decision based on the best deals.

5. Yelp:

A great directory when searching for reviews of individual businesses or organizations throughout the world. Not only can you find local and nearby places that are recommended but read ratings on specific locations before actually going to the places yourself. Not all of the reviews are accurate, and they depend on personal preference, but it does give you insight on whether you will-will want to give a particular place your business. Definitely, a great app to have installed on your phone to be a convenient directory when trying to decide a place to eat, drink or for entertainment. There are directions, addresses and phone numbers listed on this site as well giving you all of the information needed upon deciding you’re next move.

Check out the video below for more info on the best online directories!