Top 5 Most Awkward Sex Moments

Overall, sex is pretty fantastic, especially when you get into a good rhythm where everything is just flowing smoothly if you know what I mean. Every so often you will have an experience straight out of a horror movie where your face turns as red as a cherry, and you’re planning your escape route.


You’re not even sure where it came from, but it made sure it slipped it’s way out when you were trying to be sexy and flexible. If you’re lucky it won’t leave a nasty odor but every so often you exit the room with an unbearable stench, causing you to stop mid-act just to cover your each other’s noses.

It’s a human bodily function and is bound to happen sooner or later but if you want to avoid this awkward moment make sure you’re not chowing down on beans or anything else big right before. If you can tell that your stomach is a little upset go to the bathroom before or hold off sexy time until you get it out of your system.

2.Accidental Anal:

First of all, OW and second of all this does happen more than you can imagine. Even though there is definitely a separation of holes, it can get a little tricky when going from behind without paying close enough attention.

If you’re a kind person, you’ll let it slide and continue, but most likely she is now horrified and ready to call it quits for the night.

3. Mouth Full Of Hair:

Sometimes us girls forget hair ties and feel sexier with our long locks whipping back and forth during sex, but it ends up ruining all of the moments. The hair flipping turns into you both eating your hair, and nothing is a bigger turn-off then trying to pick hair out of your teeth.

4. Queefing:

So, unfortunately, women have another type of farting to worry about, and it happens out of nowhere with no warning, leaving us speechless. Weird noises end up happening during sex all the time but once it sounds or actually is a queef you’ll be lucky if he is still there when you open your eyes from embarrassment.

5. Condom Breaks:

This one gets a little tricky but if you so happen to be on the pill and having a one-night stand sort of thing, then the moment is lost. Hopefully, you catch the breaking of the condom before he finishes or it ends up inside of you where you literally have to finger fish it out, it’s no fun.

These things do happen, and they can be incredibly awkward, but hopefully, you and your sex buddy will learn to laugh and continue to pleasure party regardless. Shit happens that you just have to accept but you have to take it for what it’s worth and if it’s mind blowing sex does anything else really matter?