How Google Killed Online Directories

For anyone alive and coherent on planet Earth, you have either used or at least heard of Google at some point in your life. Google is one of the primary sources and directories that people turn to when searching for a person, place or thing giving you the answers you’re looking for within a matter of minutes, sometimes even seconds.

By being one of the main directories, the other ones have been thrown down the drain, like Yellow Pages because we all know that Google is usually the first place to search for anything.

Easy Access:

Let’s be honest; you probably open up Google first thing because it’s your primary search engine, so why would you find another directory when you’re already on one?

Regardless of what you’re searching for, all you need to do is type in a keyword, and this directory will even fill in the blanks if you’re having trouble. There is a natural process and setup system when getting started with Google Business when creating a directory for your business for absolutely free I might add. You can either set it up solely by following written instructions or even give them a call for guidance throughout the process.


One of the many perks of using Google as a first directory, your business appears front and center, ahead of all of your customer’s review and competitors. There is no doubt that your business will stand out among the other results listed on the web page, giving you the upper hand in regards to decision making on the consumer’s end.

It’s very convenient to be located on this site by showing your best side, recent and uploaded photos, with all of your company’s necessary information listed clear and accessible to understand. There is even a new feature with a 360- degree virtual tour so your customers will be able to see it all up close and personal, automatically giving you the upper hand on any other competition you may have.

How It Works:

The directory can be as successful and beneficial as you make it. The more effort and accurate information you provide, the higher the results and reviews will be for your business. Staying connected with your customer reviews will help strengthen your client relationships while being able to track your ratings over a given period.

You have the inside scoop and insight about how and where they being located and what they want to take away from their experience with your business. These features increase your chances for success.

Success Stories:

I’m sure we all personally have our personal success stories when it comes to Google as a directory, whether it be for a basic knowledge question that we can’t seem to remember or a quick lookup of a restaurant you wanted to place an order for taking out. All in all, Google has single-handedly transformed the world of directories eliminating competitors one at a time.

Check out more about this from the video below!